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A wonderful and relaxing complementary therapy working on the reflex points that can be applied to the feet and hands.

The history of reflexology can be followed back to ancient civilisations but it was Dr. William Fitzgerald that brought it to the West in 1913, then called 'Zone Therapy'. It was his belief that there were reflex points on the feet and hands that related to other parts of the body. By the 1930's a Physiotherapist named Eunice Ingham continued to develop the method we know today as Reflexology, having carefully mapped out all the body's organs, systems and glands on the feet and hands.


Advanced Reflexology techniques are used with firm pressures that stimulate the reflexes and to bring about deep relaxation where self-healing can take place.  Often clients may experience mild tenderness or sharp sensitive areas, which may indicate an area of the body to be out of balance and that usually subsides when the body releases it or heals the imbalance. VRT, vertical reflexology techniques may also be applied with the person standing for a short period of time, allowing deeper access to the reflexes if required.


A series of treatments is highly recommended for best results


Suitable for all ages

May provide releief of a wide range of conditions

Stress Relief

Anxiety & Depression



PMS, Menstrual & Fertility Problems

Digestive complaints

Boosts the immune system

Sleep problems




Individual Single Treatment                1 Hour    £30


Block of 3 Sessions only  £80    (Save £10 on the price of 3 treatments ! )  

Block of 10 Sessions only   £ 220   (£8 OFF each treatment saving you a total of £80! )


 (Block of 3 or 10 treatments are valid for use anytime within 4 months from date of issue giving you flexibility)


Children Under 16 yrs   -  35 mins     £20  

Parent or authorised Guardian must remain present throughout the treatment.


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